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Confession of a Shopaholic

Confession of a Shopaholic

Author: Ray Andrews

I had to go to this movie; Confessions of a Shopaholic last Friday, the 13th of February and it was a bit depressing, but cute (definitely a girlie movie) and predictable.


Credit cards at the limit...Creditors calling all hours of the day? So many of us are living from day to day and not living with high priced designer clothing. Not that it wouldn\'t be nice, but the average Jill (my version of the average Joe) doesn\'t buy the clothes Rebecca Bloomwood wore in the movie...more like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or Alfani. Still these clothes can add up..I know all too well.

No Denying it...I do like to shop and maybe you can call me a shopaholic. It\'s a must to have one or two new pieces of the latest fashion trends to mix up with last years clothes. Luckily, a lot of last summers styles are still in for this year too.

I went to TJ Maxx just last night looking for some acid wash, torn skinny jeans that I posted about just yesterday. Disappointed only to find slightly torn wide leg jeans, I passed, but still left the store with a silk skirt originally priced at $188.00 discounted to $35.00, couple of tops on sale one $5.00 to go with a sweater I bought the last time and the other $13.00 a must, to go with the new skirt, oh and a top/jacket set by Jones of New York for St Pats Day originally $114.00 down $55.00. With my $10.00 coupon, all for the bargain price of $100.00

The bummer of the whole trip is that I max\'d out my TJ Maxx credit card on clothes I probably didn\'t need. The high that we get right before and during shopping is addicting, but are we replacing it with some other feeling we are missing in our lives? Does it thrill us and make us feel important to get noticed and envied by the Jills? Your guess is as good as mine.

Finding a way to keep up with the Jills can have us pinching pennies for that great chunky necklace we saw in Cosmo. Now that the economy is down, many stores are having great sales even before the new season starts. And stock up for next winter with deals from 50%-80%...or like Rebecca in the movie, find a rich man to pay for it all. Now there\'s a thought.

PS. Now I just hope that eBay doesn\'t sell the wardrobe from the movie, cause that would be bad:(

Kitty G Kat has an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising and is a big supporter of fashion. Her site LifeStyle for Blondes has more facinatingstories and other posts on Fashion Spring 2009, Fashion Accessories and Staples, Hair and Skin Care, GiveAway for a Marini Lash Conditioner, Self-Improvement and Self Help along with others.


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