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Seasonal Snack Savings

Seasonal Snack Savings

Author: Alexandra Vrugt


It\'s pretty basic...children need to eat. That being said, parents are pretty much obligated to make sure that they are fed...well! Parents know that this comes with the parenting territory, which includes the expense of making it happen. Snacks can cost a lot of money if parents don\'t buy for cheap, everything that they can possibly get to satisfy their kids snacking needs.

Parents also do their best to make sure that their kids are happy and healthy. There are plenty of snacks that you can buy for cheap, especially while our world is going through this economy crisis. Here\'s what you can expect to get at:

1. Make the most of the \"season\'s\" savings! Regardless of whether you participate in the holidays, you may still be able to enjoy the opportunities for money saving. Cost comparisons can help during the holiday times, especially when it comes to fast food restaurants. Many offer discounts at Halloween and Christmas. McDonald\'s offers a twelve pack of coupons for $1 for kids, which allows them to get 12 different items for \"free\". Wendy\'s has the same type of coupon book which is usually between 8-10 coupons for a free child size Frosty ice cream treat. These coupons usually do not expire to the end of the year or later!

2. Get more stuff by giving your opinion! A lot of the national chains will give you a discount or even free food if you complete a little survey about the service that you receive. These survey requests are usually on the back of your receipt. Most of the time you will need to call in or visit a website to give them your feedback. If you plan right, you and your child could enjoy an afternoon of snacking with your free stuff!

3. Use coupons...all of the time! There are so many great deals available in your Sunday paper, online, or even in the supermarket aisles. Coupons are one of the best ways to save money on just about anything. Truth be told, not only will you see savings, you will probably get tons of free snacks for your family. Many stores double manufacturers coupons. Watch the weekly sale papers or visit your favorite store online to view the weekly specials. Cull your coupons, organize them, and use them when there are deals on the snacks that you and your family want.

It doesn\'t have to cost an arm and a leg to feed your kids, with a little effort, research, and planning, all of you could be enjoying a great lifestyle for less!

Alexandra Vrugt, who is a recognized specialist on saving money in all aspects of daily life, has writwritten many articles on how to get by on less during the credit crunch. For a limited period you can claim your free copy of her Ebook on getting organized - which is the first step to saving money - by visiting her Make Ends Meet Online website.


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