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Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Author: Elizabeth Morgan

With the economy in a free-fall, many of us are wondering if our jobs may be next. Yes, the unthinkable is happening to nearly 20, 000 families everyday. Have you saved enough to be secure if your job is next? If you have not had the foresight to do so, or the extra cash to make your nest egg grow, all is not lost. One of the best places to look for savings is in your grocery budget.

All to may of us have been lax in our food budgets and have an unexpected oppertunity for savings.

If reducing spending sounds monotonous, it does not need to be.

You do not need to go without your favorite foods, only make a few efforts to make better spending decisions.

Here are 10 tips to slash your grocery bills by up to 70% and give your budget a little wiggle room:

1. Stock up when the price is right. Buy-one-get-one free offers are a great opportunity to lock in savings of half.

2. Use double coupons to reduce expenses. Even without the desire to coupon all the time, using high face value coupons is a money saver. Ten coupons for a dollar each will save you $10 a week, while going to a double coupon store will save you $20 per shopping trip.

3. When an items is on sale, use a double coupon too. Did you know that most products purchased this way are free or just a few pennies?

4. Avoid paying full price and only buy when items are on sale. You will always save 30-50% if you never run out of sale priced items and eat only what is on sale. An important thing to know is that most items are on sale within a 4-6 week sale cycle.

5. Private label store brands save money. Where once store brands lacked quality, today they are as good if not better than the national brands. Give private label products a try and see how quickly your grocery bill goes down.

6. Cheap food is often found in the dollar stores. Many dollar stores now carry dairy, meat, dry goods and produce at super low prices.

7. Shop by your self. Extra helpers mean extra distractions less than wise buying decisions.

8. Plan to shop with a list and spending plan. Avoiding impulsive spending helps to keep expenses in line.

9. Keep food waste to a minimum. You worked hard to reduce expenses, so don\'t waste your efforts.

10. Get your coupons online for free. Free printable grocery coupons are wonderful additions to your Sunday coupon inserts. Most are high face values of $1 or over.

You bet that the economy is not right now, although your family can begin to save by reducing grocery expenses a little at a time. Don\'t wait, get started now!

Free printable coupons for you! Print free money online $1 coupons to help you save. Great free coupons with new offers all the time. You may also enjoy reducing grocery bill. A free guide to saving big bucks at the grocery store. Eat better, spend less, save more!


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