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Need to Rent a Car? Tips on Finding Deals

Need to Rent a Car? Tips on Finding Deals

If you're looking for a rental car then you know that rental rates can be expensive and a large part of your vacation budget. You don't have to settle for a high rate. If you know where to look then you can find specials and discounts to save you money. Any money you save will be worth your efforts especially if you're on a tight budget. Here are some ways to find the best rates and car rental specials.


Researching Rates

First off, it's important to take time to research rates of various car rental companies. While most rental agencies competitively price their cars, due to changes in demand and availability there is sometimes a large difference in car rates between companies. The internet is the best tool for price comparing. There are travel websites (Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) that will show you the available rates and car models for the time you wish to rent. You are also able to book your hotel and airline tickets as well. These websites usually charge a nominal fee for booking but the one-stop shopping convenience can be worth the small cost.

It's also a good idea to visit the individual car rental websites. They usually reserve special deals and virtual coupons for customers who book directly through them. You can also sign up for their loyalty program which can give you discounts and email notifications of car rental specials.


Car rental companies also partner with other travel related businesses such as airlines, hotels and cruise companies. If you use a partner's service then you may be entitled to discount or free class upgrade. Ask such businesses who they partner with for rental cars and if they offer special rates. Make sure you ask for a discount code (see below).


All car rental companies offer discounts and you might be surprised to learn that you qualify for at least one of them. These discounts include senior, auto club (such as AAA) and corporate discounts. You'll need to specify that you're entitled to a discount when you reserve your car and show proof when you pick up your car.

Discount Codes

Whether you're eligible for a discount or have a coupon, you'll need to reserve your car with a discount code. A discount code is usually alpha-numeric and is entered when you book your reservation. If the discount doesn't apply to the car you wish to rent then the booking won't go through. If you have questions about a discount or coupon, call the rental car company's reservation department.

It can be expensive to rent a car but these savings tips will help you find the right car at the best price. This is true whether you're renting a Murcia or anywhere in the world.

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