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Really Free Stuff

Really Free Stuff

Author: Alexandra Vrugt


Believe or not, here\'s something that everyone will absolutely love hearing. There are still tons of things that cost nothing, or simply put, are FREE! Our world is in an economy crisis right now, so people are looking for ways to get something for nothing and to stretch their money as far as it will go. For those needing a little comfort, here\'s a fantastic list of really free stuff:

Completely free internet access! While most people are paying $50 or more for internet service, you could be the recipient of free internet service through a company called NetZero. They provide up to 10 hours of 100% free internet service per month. It\'s not broad band, it\'s the old dial-up system, but it works! This works even better if you are only an occasional user.

Free furniture and other stuff! The first place to look for free furniture is in your local newspaper. Often there is a section that is dedicated to items worth $50 or less. These are often just give always that people advertise to clear out space in their homes or after they have graduated from college and no longer need the items. Two other great places to find lots of free stuff online are Craigslist.org and Freecycle. On these websites, people can post anything that they want to give away. Whether you find your great deal in the newspaper or through one of these two internet sites, always remember to be safe. Never go to retrieve anything alone. Plus, remember that time is of the essence and deals go very quickly. So, as soon as you see it, make contact and make plans to pick the item up. This is one time that you should not dawdle.

Absolutely free food! This is a great one. It seems like food tastes better when it\'s free. Search the newspapers, circulars, online, and at your local restaurants for all of those cash saving ways. Save money by using coupons for FREE stuff, taking advantage of the \"Buy One, Get One FREE\" deals, and if you have kids...visit those \"free kids meals\" places as much as possible to get the maximum savings.

So, for those that needed a little cheering up and consolation, here\'s a list of stuff that you can actually afford and enjoy, this list of stuff will really help you enjoy life to the full!

As a recognized connoisseur on saving money in all aspects of daily life, Alexandra Vrugt has written many articleson managing on less in a financial crisis. For a limited time you can get a free copy of her Ebook on getting organized - the first step to saving money - by visiting her Make Ends Meet website.


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