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Ordering Personal Checks Using Discount Coupons

Ordering Personal Checks Using Discount Coupons


Author: James Reilly

You can order personal checks direct from a commercial printer and save themselves a bundle. Personal checks arose from an interesting development historically. Throughout history there has been a needfor the transfer of value. Safer and reliable methods of transfer began thousands of years ago.

A check is an order for the transfer of money. A cheque (spelled check in American English) is a negotiable instrument instructing a financial institution to pay a specific amount of a specific currency from a specified demand account held in the maker/depositor\'s name with that institution. Both the maker and payee may be natural persons or legal entities.

Checks have been used by the early Romans around 1 BC and likely earlier. Anywhere the transfer of goods or use of bills of exchange to facilitate trade by eliminating the need for merchants to carry large quantities of currency (e.g. gold) to purchase goods and services, checks gained favor.

Carrying gold around to do business could be very risky for an ancient merchant. Any draft or bill of exchange which could later be redeemed and payment guaranteed at a later time was a safer way to do business.

Checks generally contain: 1. place of issue 2. identification check number 3. date of issue 4. payee 5. amount of currency 6. signature identification of the drawer and 7. routing number.

The routing / account number in MICR format - in the U.S., the routing number is a nine-digit number in which the first 4 digits identifies the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank\'s check processing center.

This is followed by digits 5 through 8, identifying the specific bank served by that check -processing center. Digit 9 is a identification verification digit, computed using a complex algorithm of the previous 8 digits. The account number is assigned independently by the various banks.

Routing numbers, also known as transit numbers, consist of denominators and hyphenated numerators. They are in part an ABA indicator number that points to a city code for identification.

You\'re able to buy checks online or from a bank. Many choose to bypass the bank middleman and purchase directly from the check printer and, in the process, save 50% in costs.

Before you reorder checks online, there exists a number of great check designs covering a wide variety of categories that lend themselves to give your bank checks a nice personal touch plus you save 50% when you reorder personal checks online.


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