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The Emergence of the Major Sporting Goods Stores

The Emergence of the Major Sporting Goods Stores


Author: Ken Phillips

In recent years there has been a frenzy of sporting goods stores mergers and acquisitions. This is good news and bad news for the consumer. The goods news is the ability for the larger sporting goods chains to adapt many of the smaller specialty stores qualities.

Given the specialty sporting goods stores learned how to adapt their products to the consumer almost dynamically; the major sporting goods stores have been able to incorporate the same ideas. The major sporting goods stores are better now at competing with specialty stores.

Now you can find pretty much any product for your sport of interest. There is an extensive offering of paintball guns, extreme sports, not to mention the perennial team sport products.

But, you might want to evaluate the following when shopping a sporting goods store:

1. What is the mix of specialty products with typical sporting goods?

2. Do they have frequent discount or coupon promotions?

3. Does the layout of the store make it easier to find what you are looking for?

The ability to adapt will be the key for the success of any sporting goods store in the future. Sporting goods stores are constantly getting bigger so the challenge will be even harder to keep a specialty store feel.

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